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Family Great Adventure Series

July 20, 2017 - 6:00pm


On the beach at 26th Street
Free Event

Dragon Search

Thursday, July 20

On the beach at 26th Street


Family interactive adventure, 6:00pm

Movie on the beach, 8:30pm (“Pete’s Dragon”)

Report to the beach at 26th Street promptly at 6:00pm! Teams must be registered by 6:20pm to participate.

There’s a dragon on the loose!  It will take all the wits your team can muster to find the elusive Elliot.  Carefully find and follow each clue and be the first to bring Elliot the Dragon home.  If you are successful, you’ll win a trophy.  All players receive a Family Great Adventure Series medal.  Then, enjoy “Pete’s Dragon” on our big inflatable movie screen on the beach!

Pete’s Dragon

Rated PG

A boy, Pete, is traveling with his parents when there is a car accident on a lonely road and only Pete survives. He runs to the forest and is surrounded by a pack of wolves, but a dragon saves him and Pete names the dragon Elliot. Six years later, Pete is found by a ranger, Grace, and she takes Pete home. He is welcomed by her father Meacham, her daughter Natalie, and her husband Jack, but Pete misses Elliot. Meanwhile the dragon seeks Pete out and Jack's brother Gavin sees him. He organizes a posse to capture the dragon while Grace returns to the place where the boy was found. The story continues and answers the question: What will happen to the dragon Elliot?

Parking is conveniently located in the 25th Street Municipal Garage

336 25th Street

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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